CLICAPS: Chemistry Library Information Control And Presentation System

© CLICAPS (1993-), Chemistry Biology Pharmacy Information Center
Daniel Suter, Josef Meienberger, Martin Bändle

© Accounting modules (1992): Suter Datenkonzepte, Kilchberg

CLICAPS, a co-operative integrated library system, was developed at the Chemistry Biology Pharmacy Information Center starting in 1990 on the basis of the database Filemaker. Its open and modular conception has allowed it to be continually adapted to the rapidly changing information retrieval requirements. It runs on Macs (Mac OS X) and PCs (Windows).

It offers the following services:

- for the users (WebOPAC):

  • Catalog queries for books and journals (all media as well as online documents). The powerful search functions of Filemaker help the user to efficiently carry out the search
  • Queries using the classification scheme
  • Information services: List and RSS feeds of recently acquired books (by topic)
  • Direct reference to the NEBIS catalog (books and journals)
  • Portal to local and global electronic information (e-books, e-journals, websites, library catalogs)

- all vital library administration tasks (OPAC):

  • Book keeping with chart of accounts, foreign currencies
  • Ordering system
  • Correspondence
  • Administration of addresses (publishers and suppliers)
  • Cataloging (co-operative)
  • Printing of labels, lists, catalogs, statistics
  • User administration
  • Lending
  • Keeping track of journal issues (online and printed), including sending reminders
  • Polyhierarchic thesaurus (classified shelving)
  • Acquisition policy using library management parameters
  • Systematic elimination in case of space problems or shortage of finances
  • Special functions

Development strategy

CLICAPS was and is being developed for the Information Center from the point of view of the problems of its users. Due to its modular basis and transparent structure of its databases the library administration is optimally rationalised and transparent. The effort to train a person is minimal. Therefore, smaller libraries can also make good use of CLICAPS. The following libraries participate in CLICAPS: Chemistry Biology Pharmacy Information Center, Chemistry and Safety Library, and Physical Chemistry Library.